Park and Rec Update – May 2016

by Linda Martin, President
Happy May! That last big snow storm was impressive but not as impressive as the MELT!! Good ol’ Colorado. I’m sure you got some good upper body workouts 😉 so that’s good! At the Coal Creek Canyon Park and Rec District, it is our dream to see you active, fit, and involved with your community. Health, Joy, Community! Joelle has been doing hikes and snow shoe hikes with us for years now. She has an Outdoor Recreation email list for spontaneous treks into nature and she can be reached at (303) 642-0428 or If you are an avid hiker and would like to own your own trail map of Region 1 of Jeffco (Coal Creek Canyon and Golden Gate Canyon), please call Linda at (303) 642-2223 or stop by the office at Wee Creekers. We have 100 free maps to give out to interested parties. The turf field at the school continues to be a favorite active spot on the school grounds and will again host the now famous Challenger Soccer Camps! June 13-17 will be the Tetra Brazil camp for ages 10-16, and July 11-15 will be the British Soccer Camp for ages 3-16. You can get more information from Michele Page at (303) 642-3122, or by visiting, 1(800) 878-2167. The deadline for the free jersey has passed for the Tetra Brazil camp but you still have time to get one for the British camp if you register by May 27th.
The Skywatchers will be meeting on May 7th at the Hall. Please find their article in this publication. They are such an amazing group of the best space geeks you ever want to meet! They have so much to tell us so don’t miss this month’s meeting. Call Barb at (303) 494-7677 for more info.  Kathy Bremers and the Watercolor Painting group will be starting back up this month! They meet at the Hall on Thursdays 9:30-12. Call Kathy at (303) 815-3255 to get into this class.  The Homesteader’s Club is off to a great start. At the inaugural meeting in March, we learned how to make sauerkraut. In April we learned about smudging and how to make dream catchers. What we learn each month is up to the members of the group, as we are in the stages of teaching one another. The best way to keep up with this club is to join the Facebook Group, CCC Homesteaders’ Club, and see what’s coming up at the next meeting. We meet the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 at the Hall.